Welcome to my world.

small acrylic paintings (20x20 to 40x50)

medium sized acrylic paintings (30x80 to 70x90)

big acrylic paintings (80x80 to 80x120)

watercolor paintings (50x60 to 50x60)

Shipping costs incl. Packaging

up to 2 kg: € 7,-
up to 4 kg € 9,-

European Union
up to 2 kg: € 21,-
up to 4 kg: € 23,-

Other Countries
up to 2 kg: € 39,-
up to 4 kg: € 61,-

For images larger than one meter please contact me.

Errors, typos and changes subject to change. Please note, that the pictures may differ slightly from the original paintings.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my paintings please feel free to contact me.